Welcome to our first blog posting!

It’s all go here at Organic Energy this month, not only is this our first ever blog we’ve also launched a brand new website.  Packed with interesting and interactive features its online now.

If you’ve never come across Organic Energy before then here’s a very brief synopsis of who we are:

–          Started in 1999 by renewable energy advocate Andrew Boroughs

–          UK and Ireland distributor for amazing wood pellet boilers from OkoFen

–          Passionate about saving money, energy and the planet!

We’re really proud of our new website www.organicenergy.co.uk so take a look.  You’ll find information about our products as well as videos, technical specs, FAQ’s and information about where to secure the latest funding.


3 responses to “Welcome to our first blog posting!

  1. A very informative site, which looks great.

  2. It’s a very comprehensive website. I like the use of the video especially.

  3. Hey Andy,

    Greetings fro Australia. Great web-site and we love the way you walk onto the bottom of the screen. Jon had quite a shock when he looked at it the first time!

    Maggie xxxx

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