Uneasy about oil?

Oil – a hot topic


Although oil is a convenient option for a lot of homeowners we know many of you are concerned about its impact, not just on the environment but on your wallet too. In addition, anyone that ran out of heating oil during the winter knows just how dependant rural properties in particular are on this fossil fuel. With the continued unrest across oil producing states it’s easy to feel uneasy about oil.

The price of oil is big news at the moment and while we’re hopefully over the worst of the winter weather and coming into spring; one thing’s for sure the price of oil isn’t going to be radically lower next winter.

So perhaps it’s time to start looking at other options? Maybe you like the idea of greener energy but it’s always something you will investigate tomorrow? It’s natural not to think about your heating until the autumn approaches, but in fact the best time to change your system is in the spring or summer ready for when the cold weather arrives again.

If you’re concerned about the environment and your pocket then take a look at our website http://www.organicenergy.co.uk where you will find information about our fully automatic wood pellet boilers which are clean, super efficient and don’t cost the earth to run.

Organic Energy – it pays to be green.


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