Green technology ready to meet heat needs

Green technologies for heat generation could meet up to 40 per cent of the UK’s energy needs over the next two decades, according to the Committee on Climate Change.

That was the result of a review published this month which says that there is scope for renewables including bioenergy, wind and marine, air and ground source heat pumps to contribute to the Uk’s energy mix by 2030.

The CCC’s chairman Lord Adair Turner said renewable energy technologies are “very promising” but added that nuclear still had a part to play.

Very promising?

That sounds like the CCC is viewing renewables as an energy source still in its infancy, that much more needs to be done, more progress made, before it becomes a mainstream option for energy generation.

But although no-one can deny that the sector is still growing and innovating, there are huge swathes of Europe already thinking of renewables as a mainstay of energy generation.

Wood pellets were first launched on the Austrian market in 1996 and now the majority of the country has converted to wood pellet heating solutions, with the UK now also seeing a rise in sales.

Renewables may be the future of energy generation but they are also already demonstrating how they can help decarbonise the market.

Lord Turner also said that the focus should be one creating a “stable investment climate for renewables” and the heads at Organic Energy are nodding in agreement.

With gas and oil prices likely only to rise, it’s time some serious thinking was put into how the UK will meet its 15 per cent renewable energy target by 2020 under the EU Renewable Energy Directive. And some serious investment too.


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