Payment pot to boost renewable heating

It is somewhat ironic that in a week when Britons have been basking in sushine and enjoying high temperatures, a scheme is launched aimed at offering them a grant to buy a new heating system.

An ÖkoFEN Pellematic boiler, as supplied by Organic Energy

An ÖkoFEN Pellematic boiler, as supplied by Organic Energy

But this isn’t cash for just any boiler system, this is the Renewable Heat Premium Payment – a £15 million pot available between now and March 2012 for UK households wanting to invest in green heat systems.

The RHPP is a forerunner to the Government’s domestic Renewable Heat Incentive which will reward those installing renewable heating technology through a series of tariffs.

The difference with the RHPP is that it is essentially a voucher system which can be used towards the cost of biomass systems, like Organic Energy’s automatic wood pellet boilers.

Homeowners can apply for vouchers of between £850 and £1250 towards the cost of having this technology installed. For example, a purchaser of one of our ÖkoFEN Pellematic boiler systems are entitled to £945 towards the cost.

Solar thermal systems, like the Pellesol solar hot water heating panel and Gasokol solar hot water heating systems from Organic Energy, attract vouchers of £300 each.

The scheme was launched this week and the Energy Saving Trust, which is managing the RHPP on behalf of the Government, says it has already received more than 2,500 expressions of interest.

However there is something that we think needs to be made clear to consumers considering  a  move to renewable heating systems: just because you may be entitled and even receive the RHPP, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the Renewable Heat Incentive.

The Government says that people in receipt of the RHPP will be able to apply for the full RHI tariff support once the scheme is introduced in 2012.

But because there have been no proposals published on how the RHI will work in the domestic sector, there can be no guarantee that just because a household was eligible for the RHPP, it will automatically be entitled to the RHI.

But the announcement of the RHPP is a boost for the industry and will encourage more householders to move towards green heat. Any home so long as it’s the main residence and has been adequately insulated, can apply for RHPP for solar thermal. For biomass, the home must be without gash central heating.

Installations have to be carried out by qualified installers registered under the Government’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), of which Organic Energy is a member.

If you’d like to know more then give us a call on 01938 530070 or have a look at where we’ve some information on our range and a guide to the RHI.


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