Backing biomass – a flexible and affordable technology

From this month, anyone installing a biomass boiler can offset the cost by around £950 under the Government Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

While the summer headlines have been all about solar PV, as the weather turns colder and the leaves drop from the trees, we know homeowners are watching their fuel bills rise and wondering about alternative options to heat their property.

And that’s why we’re delighted to see the timely launch of the Back Biomass campaign from the Renewable Energy Association which is aiming to deliver a clear message to the Government on the benefits of biomass.

The REA says that as well as stimulating economic growth and valuable green jobs in the UK, biomass technology can boost our energy security and enable and support other types of energy generation on the grid. At a time where taxpayer’s money is tight, biomass is an affordable way to generate low carbon energy.

Organic Energy’s biomass boilers are ultra-efficient ÖkoFEN wood pellet heating systems which can heat a small house through to a large office or business premises. They are totally automatic and virtually maintenance free as they feed and clean themselves.

The boilers burn wood pellets – a relatively cheap, renewable, sustainable and low carbon fuel. In addition to this, our boilers are highly advanced and burn the wood pellets so efficiently, CO2 emissions are kept at a very low level.

Like the REA, we know that heat and power from sustainable biomass offers proven, practical, secure low carbon energy as part of a balanced energy mix.

But what we also believe in is the financial sense behind installing biomass – whether you’re considering heating a shopping centre, an office complex or your home.

Our figures show it really does pay to be green, with biomass not only attracting the Renewable Heat Premium Payment but also tariff based support for the non-domestic sector. Phase two of the RHI will see support introduced for homeowners by next year.

For a detailed breakdown of how the RHI and the FiT will work for the installation of one of Organic Energy’s biomass boilers, have a look at our figures.

If you’re considering biomass as an alternative to gas and oil, then give us a call. We can advise you on the financial support available as well as provide a checklist to see if your installation would be eligible for the RHPP and FiT.

And if you’d like to support the REA’s Back Biomass Campaign, you can download a letter from the campaign to be sent to your MP.


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