Film industry standard is no celebrity ‘greenwash’

US movie stars like Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio are well-known for flying the green flag in Hollywood.

Actor Matt Damon has spearheaded environmentally-friendly projects and Brad Pitt has won an eco-award from the US Green Building Council.

But now it appears it’s time for the British film industry to step up – and this is not just celebrity-endorsed greenwash either.

Bosses behind the UK’s cinematic hits are taking the lead in the global entertainment market by unveiling a new standard to improve the industry’s environmental, social and economic impact.

The British Standards Institution (BSI) in conjunction with the industry has introduced  a ‘sustainability management’ standard, known as BS 8909.

It can be applied across the film supply chain from planning to production, through to editing, distribution, screening and archiving.

Colin Firth’s ethical retail organisation Eco Age has played an integral role in the launch of the standard, which when adopted means a film’s environmental and social impact is reduced

Of course, celebrity endorsement can only help the sustainability cause. We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture where famous people are trend-setters, we read about them, we look at their pictures, we imitate their style.

Johnny Depp’s private island is completely solar powered. Daryl Hannah has a biodiesel car, powered by recycled cooking oil. And closer to home,U2’s Bono has installed a wood-pellet boiler to heat his Victorian mansion in Ireland.

It’s good to see celebrities putting their green credentials on record, and great to see business backing them up with a solid planet-protecting strategy.

Organic Energy can assist with green heating systems, as the sole UK distributor for the ÖkoFEN range of wood pellet boilers as well as being a UK distributor for leading global solar PV manufacturer SCHOTT Solar.

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