Schizophrenic Attitude to Climate Change?

Here at our Welshpool offices, we work hard to promote a low carbon economy, offer biomass and solar PV solutions for efficient and environmentally-friendly heating options.

We advise clients and potential customers on how they can take advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive (when it finally is introduced) and the Feed-in-Tariffs. Like many companies in our sector, we are convinced that the UK can drastically cuts its emissions with the right investment and support.

But therein lies the problem. This week the Government has been accused of having a “schizophrenic attitude” to climate change and being short-sighted over the potential of green energy.

We’d like to point the Government in the direction of our company, which has seen record-breaking sales of biomass boilers in the last year. Our turnover is up and our ÖkoFEN wood pellet boilers are proving to be the green heating source of choice for customers from schools to charities and large estates to domestic homes.

So if we can see the potential, and the consumer can see the potential, with our sector one of the fastest growing industries in the UK as a result, it begs the question. Why can’t the Government see it as well?

Prime Minister David Cameron MP this week flew in the face of his own vow that his Government would be the “greenest ever” when he said he was delighted to give BP the go-ahead for the next phase of development of the huge Clair Ridge oil field.

But is he putting the money where his mouth is? The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) said a recent decision to review targets for cutting emissions in half by 2025 was seeing delays in green energy investment which could push up traditional energy prices.

Last month, a last minute hold-up to the introduction of the RHI was announced as the European Commission dithered over the level of support paid for larger biomass systems.

Dr Neil Bentley, the CBI’s Deputy Director-General, recently said both the UK Government and international negotiations are failing to provide the leadership business needs to invest in green growth. He said the UK was out on a limb not ahead of the pack.

The last word must surely go to Joan Walley MP, EAC chairwoman, who said: “The long-term carbon-cutting commitments set out in the Climate Change Act are supposed to provide certainty that Britain is determined to reduce emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.

“Unfortunately, the government’s somewhat schizophrenic attitude to climate change seems to be undermining that confidence. Green investment should be seen as a win-win solution to our economic problems, helping to stimulate growth and rebalance the economy, at the same time as reducing pollution.”

Well said, Mrs Walley. Well said.



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