Green is the new black, don’t you know?

As much as we relish tackling the serious issues which face our industry and highlighting the benefits of biomass and solar PV, we also love it when green goes glamorous – which is exactly what’s happening on the red carpet in the midst of the film awards season.

It appears that green is definitely the new black – and we’re delighted to see celebrities being environmentally as well as fashion-conscious.

Livia Firth's Armani gown

We’ve covered the green credentials of celebrities before in the Organic Energy blog and there may well be a question mark over the carbon footprint of the Oscars, with stars flying in from all over the world for the ceremony – many we’re sure, in private jets.

But we have to hand it to Livia Firth (wife of Oscar-winning Brit actor Colin), she’s putting the glitz into green on the front pages of the press and talking up an eco-clothing revolution.

Livia has joined forces with Vogue for her Green Carpet Challenge in 2012, a project she actually founded in 2009 with British journalist Lucy Siegle, vowing to only wear sustainable fashion at red carpet events.

This year Livia has, ‘shock-horror’, not only vowed to wear the same dress more than once, but is rallying the world’s top designers to create environmentally friendly and ethically sourced gowns. 

From Gucci to Paul Smith, the crème de la crème are clamouring to dress La Firth, with the latest frock courtesy of Giorgio Armani. The fabric for Livia’s Golden Globes gown was made from recycled bottles and she even wore ‘conflict-free’ diamonds on the ring on her finger. 

The roll call of designers queuing up to be part of the Green Carpet Challenge include Chanel, Alberta Ferretti, Tom Ford, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Paul Smith, Valentino, Roger Vivier and Ermenegildo Zegna. Each designer will create an original design to be worn on the world’s most glamorous red carpets, and Livia is now calling for some of the world’s top actresses to wear them.

But is the Italian beauty just a green clotheshorse? It appears not. Livia Firth is creative director of Eco Age; an online magazine for the curious consumer, which developed from opening a London store and consultancy with her brother Nicola Giuggioli in 2008.

Since launching The Green Carpet Challenge she has been regarded as a leading promoter of ethical fashion internationally. As an Oxfam ambassador, two years ago together with Annie Lennox, Livia created The Circle, a women’s group for Oxfam.

Livia currently resides in London with her husband, three children, one cat and four fishes. The question is, of course, do her eco-credentials extend beyond the wardrobe?

Tell us Livia, have you a wood pellet boiler keeping you warm? Or just Colin?


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