Organic Energy boiler takes centre stage for opening ceremony…

We’ve supplied biomass boilers, installed biomass boilers and even unveiled biomass boilers but an opening ceremony specifically for one of our ÖkoFEN wood pellet boilers is a first for Organic Energy.

Our managing director Andy Boroughs was at Stadhampton Primary School in Oxfordshire for the event, which has been much anticipated both by staff and pupils as well as the local authority.

The official opening ceremony was held yesterday , March 7, with a ribbon cutting by Councillor Lorraine Lindsay Gale of Oxfordshire County Council.

Organic Energy’s installer, Staffordshire-based EcoEnergi, has installed the system which provides heating to the 70-pupil primary school.

Stadhampton is the first school in Oxfordshire to have a biomass boiler and there has been a great deal of interest in the installation shown by the council and other schools in the region.

Andy spoke at the event, which was also due to be filmed by the BBC Oxford news programme.

Schools, colleges and universities can benefit greatly from having a wood pellet boiler system, as they not only help these establishments save on their fuel costs but they also provide the opportunity for wider curriculum benefits giving a practical demonstration of a low carbon technology.

And of course, schools can also benefit from Renewable Heat Incentive which sees tariffs paid on a quarterly basis for a 20-year-period.

We know from our own figures that the RHI can pay out more during a year than the cost of the wood pellets actually required to fuel the boiler. For example, a 56kw ÖkoFEN automatic boiler using an average of 22.4 tonnes of wood
pellets a year can attract an incentive of £6,491.86, compared to the cost of the fuel at £5,152 ex VAT. At the other end of the scale, the 8kw boiler will attract £927, against a pellet cost of £736, at today’s prices.

If you’re an education establishment interested in installing a wood pellet boiler, please give us a call to see how we could help.


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