Apple, Adidas…and an award

Apple won it for the iPad. HUF Haus won it for its homes. Adidas Porches Design won it for its footwear.

And what’s ‘it’? The celebrated Plus X Award for innovative brands – the world’s biggest innovation prize for technology, sports and lifestyle products.

This year we’re celebrating too – after a new heating controller from ÖkoFEN scooped not one but four category wins in 2012. In fact, the Pelletronic Touch also clinched the sought-after title of Best Product of the Year in its category.

Beate Schmidt, CEO ÖkoFEN Germany, picks up the award

As the sole UK distributor for ÖkoFEN wood pellet boilers, we’re hoping to introduce this innovation to the market early in 2013.

More than 130 judges, from 32 countries, scrutinised the entries and put the Pelletronic Touch in top position in the categories of innovation, design, ease and functionality.

So what’s so special about Pelletronic Touch? It’s a new a heating controller series with a modern touchscreen system. The newly designed control panel with clear colour display enables a quick and intuitive navigation, and thereby an optimum user experience.

As the logical development of the successful “Pelletronic Plus” series, the Pelletronic Touch continues offering all the proven features such as individual temperature and time programs for each heating circuits and domestic hot water, antifreeze function, party and screed functions for the solar-yield measurement.

If that wasn’t enough, additional applications such as the cascade function – the possibility of combining several pellet boilers – and the solar control have been optimized. As a special highlight, the OkoFEN Pelletronic Touch offers an online module with which the heating control can be anywhere controlled, by computer or smart phone, easily online.

The Touch control

Of course, when the criteria includes outstanding ergonomic and ecological characteristics, along with the use of high quality materials and fine workmanship, we’re not surprised to see the Pelletronic Touch up there with the best.

But we’re still very chuffed though. We’ll let you know when its available in the UK!

The winners on awards night


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