Taking the temperature of the bioenergy business

The bioenergy sector is an exciting place to be. That might not be a phrase that rolls off everyone’s lips, but for us it’s absolutely true.

There’s an impetus in the industry that has been building for years and is now starting to find its outlet as more individuals and organisations, not to mention politicians, start to take the various sustainable options for our future energy needs more seriously.

That’s why we’re particularly looking forward to a couple of big days in the calendar for us bioenergy types – the combined nextgen exhibition and European Bioenergy Expo and Conference (EBEC).

The great and the good of the sector will gather at the Royal Showground, in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, on October 10th and 11th to demonstrate products, share knowledge and generally gauge the state of the bioenergy nation.

In world where we’re all so busy not just selling products but spreading ideas and an ethos to a wider audience, this is our chance to take stock, take the temperature of the sector and feed off each other’s progress and enthusiasm.

It’s also a chance to learn, with a conference programme that will share the latest policy, highlight what’s working for our sector and what is not and generally keep everyone in the same loop on the big picture issues.

We’ve had bumps in the road for the sector this year, particularly with regard to Feed-In Tariffs, and there are still many areas where the industry needs regulators to move more quickly (just ask our colleagues in anaerobic digestion) but opportunities for us to debate these matters as one are rare, yet important.

That’s why we’re looking forward to walking the lanes of the exhibition and tuning in to the conference presentations and discussions.

Knowledge and technology in bioenergy continues to develop apace. It’s time is here and the opportunity to immerse ones self in what will hopefully be an event driven by positivity is irresistible. Oh, and there’s no substitute for having a good nosey at what everyone else is up to!


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