No sooner said….

Our most recent blog took a stance on the Big Six profits and dared to mention the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive, planned for summer 2013.

Within days, it was announced that there was a delay and this was actually the timescale for when the Government was going to start talking about it in earnest.

Organic Energy managing director Andy Boroughs was approached by the media for his reaction.

We thought we’d share his comments here on the blog too.

Although he welcomed the year long extension to the RHPP, Mr Boroughs said: 

“I don’t find a delay to the time frame for the development of a domestic RHI to be a particular surprise, given the Government’s history with regard to incentives for renewables.

“And I do think that a health warning to both householders and the industry should be attached to this news, in the sense that we still only have a timetable, not the detail of any resulting scheme.

“The non-domestic RHI has been a useful way of getting businesses to take a serious look at the real benefits of micro generation, with the added knowledge that there is a genuine, supporting incentive and we have to hope that,
in time, this may do the same in the domestic arena.

“But experience has taught many of us that the goal posts have a tendency to be moved on a regular basis and we should be promoting our technology and services based on their genuine strengths and benefits, with Government
incentives seen as a bonus if, and when, they materialise.”





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