Wait… and the patient dies – a Royal warning

Prince Charles wasn’t shy of saying it how he sees it as a two day conference for forest scientists this week.

Well-known for his passion for environmental concerns, the Prince of Wales took the opportunity to publically criticise the “corporate lobbyists” and those sceptical of climate change.

During the speech at St James’ Palace, he compared the earth to a ‘dying patient’ and warned ‘the risk of delay is so enormous that we can’t wait until we are absolutely sure the patient is dying.”

Like the audience at the conference, we warmly welcome the Prince’s stance and his assertion that the world’s corporates must take responsibility for leading action on climate change.

Organic Energy is a member of The Prince’s MayDay Network. This amazing organisation brings together businesses across the UK committed to taking action to protect the environment.

The first Mayday Summit took place in 2007, organised by Community at the request of Prince Charles. More than 1,000 business leaders made more than 5,500 pledges to take action on climate change.

At last year’s summit, held in Wales, the MayDay Network launched its ‘9 billion challenge’ to focus on the wider aspects of responsible business, delivering both social and environmental impact in order to foster long-term sustainability.

Wales Director for Business in the Community, Simon Harris said at the event: “By 2050, 9 billion people will be living on our planet. Continuing with business as usual and our current levels of consumption will mean that 50 per cent of people will be living in poverty or dispossessed. The question for business is will your products survive and thrive in this context?”

This is a question which the corporate giants are yet to answer fully – greenwash and fiddling around the edges aside.

Big changes are needed. A fundamental shifts in attitude is required. We need to crack open a debate which is not just about global warming and ethical shopping.

Prince Charles this week took the opportunity to remind these global businesses of what they are risking by not collaborating and committing to action on climate change. We hope it didn’t fall on deaf ears.



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