RHI for domestic installations to be introduced

Last week, the Government announced the tariffs for the new domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.

Here’s managing director Andy Boroughs’ official response to the announcement:

“This is great news, particularly for those householders with properties off the gas grid. We’re delighted to see the Government has committed to a domestic incentive, which in some cases will pay out more than the cost of the fuel.

This is especially welcome as the UK’s first convertible wood pellet boiler is launched next month, and is eligible for the incentive. With its space-saving design and entry-level cost, it will be an attractive option for domestic customers who will be able to apply for the RHI as well as the RHPP to help with the capital cost.

We’re also pleased that the RHI applies to legacy installations, we’re looking forward to assisting our customers claim the incentive which has been backdated to July 2009.”

And here’s some quick sums we’ve done quickly to illustrate how you could benefit…

An average domestic size wood pellet boiler would be 15kW with average fuel consumption of six tonnes, price of fuel say around £200 so £1,200. The kWh produced would be 28,800. RHI payment of £3,513.60 based on 12.2 pence. For 7 years £24,595.20. Plus an extra £200 per annum if you have a heat metre fitted.





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