Targets and numbers: 15, 4.2, 10.8 and 2020

The UK is legally committed to a target of meeting 15 per cent of the country’s energy demand from renewable sources by 2020. The Government says meeting this target will help achieve energy security and carbon reduction objectives.

But a report out today reveals the UK is currently the third lowest producer of renewable energy in Europe and we think that means the Government hasn’t a hope of meeting its own targets – unless it steps up a gear now.

The report, published by the European Commission’s statistical body, Eurostat, shows Britain makes just 4.2 per cent of its energy from renewable sources, with only Luxembourg and Malta lower down on the list.

Organic Energy has worked with one of the leading names in renewable energy for more than a decade. We are the UK’s sole distributor of the Austria-based OkoFEN range of wood pellet boilers – and Austria is already only two per cent away from its target of 34 per cent of energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Bulgaria, Estonia and Sweden have already achieved their 2020 targets, even though all three had higher targets than the UK’s 15 per cent. We need to take the lead from other EU countries, see where they are being successful, what incentives and support works for their renewable energy sectors, how they are educating their children about where their energy comes from and how best it can be sourced sustainably and securely for future.

It’s not all bad news; the UK has increased its contributions from 1.2 per cent to 4.2 per cent in the last eight years, but it has only six years left to source the remaining 10.8 per cent of its 2020 target figure.

A target is defined as an objective or result towards which efforts are directed. More needs to be done now, more effort, more immediate action, if we are ever to meet this target within the next decade, never mind the six years.



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