Giving power back to communities through the arts

We love this quote from our friends at Arts Alive:

“Organic Energy provides sustainable energy technologies and Arts Alive helps to keep rural communities sustainable by offering access to quality, local community events.”

artsThis connection between our organisations is reflected in a number of
ways, whether that’s using low carbon fuel to heat your home or saving
the emissions by walking to the village hall to see a film instead of
driving to the multi-screen!

We’re delighted to be supporting enthusiastic people who are working to
reclaim some of the best features of community life – it’s why Organic
Energy has partnered with Arts Alive, an organisation that works to
bring more than 1,000 events a year to rural communities.

As well as the hugely popular Flicks in the Sticks touring cinema, this
south Shropshire-based group puts dance, drama, music, puppetry and
storytelling back into the heart of communities – without people having
to head off on lengthy journeys to theatres in the bigger towns and

And we’re pretty sure they prefer our short video (include link)
screened before each film, to the half-hour of adverts which tend to be
shown before the main feature begins there too!


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