Organic Energy UK Ltd is the sole distributor for the UK and Ireland, who with partner OkoFEN of Austria offer the highest quality and most comprehensive range of low carbon, grant approved pellet heating systems.

Organic Energy was founded in 1999 by Andrew Boroughs who has a strong interest in renewable energy.  He started the business in an effort to find a viable alternative to oil and gas for both commercial and domestic users.  A fuel which would be as user friendly as gas, was easy and convenient to use; a system which requires little day to day maintenance, only needed occasional refuelling and importantly a fuel that was sustainable.  Having done his homework he approached OkoFEN, Europe’s specialists in wood pellet heating.

After wood pellets were introduced in Austria in 1996, OkoFEN was the first Austrian manufacturer to offer an officially-certified pellet heating system to the public in 1997.  The company has dominated the market since and has contributed significantly to the near eradication of oil heating in upper Austria.  Today OkoFEN operates with eleven European partners and the USA.

Having met founder and Managing Director Herbert Ortner, Andrew recognised a kindred spirit and was impressed by both the innovative approach and build quality of OkoFEN’s fully automated wood pellet heating systems, which range from 2-224kW.

Continual research and development means their innovation in the field of low carbon technologies continues apace and a number of new products and additions to the existing range have or will be introduced in 2010/2011.

Organic Energy is committed to ensuring architects, specifiers, energy consultants; maintenance engineers and home owners get the very best wood pellet heating system on the market.

ÖkoFEN products provide an integrated heating system which is cost efficient, can be fitted in or around most structures, requires very little maintenance and can be operated remotely.  Above all it is a system which is sustainable and allows business to fulfil or exceed their environmental targets.

The company is based in Welshpool where a number of products are on display.  The building also contains Organic Energy’s UK training academy where anyone can visit to learn more about the sector and OkoFEN products.


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